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Invitations: Should I add a Plus One?

When it comes to wedding invitations and the guest list the plus one can have you scratching your head.  Should you allow your friends to bring their boyfriend or girlfriend? Should you invite the whole family plus their adult children’s significant others?  These are common questions every bride asks or thinks about.  Here is my rule of thumb. Don’t be a soggy sponge about it, but don’t be a doormat either. subdomains . site not working Remember you can never please everyone.

Plus One

If your friend is dating someone seriously (three years or more) or is engaged then suck it up and invite him or her. If your friend is single don’t feel obligated to give them a plus one. After all sometimes weddings are the best places to connect people together.  Love is in the air after all!

Family Invite

When it comes to family invitations I suggest you only invite an entire family (parents, children and possibly adult children’s significant others) if you are close with that family. Example for parents, if you are inviting the family then only invite the children if your friend’s kids grew up with your kid that is getting married.   In this instance it is a good idea to get two sets of RSVP cards (one with a later date for the “B” list) and send the big family invitation cards out first.


Wedding invitation RSVP card

Wedding invitation RSVP card

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Local Vendor Spotlight: Floral & Decor

Today our feature is on Jilna of Suhaag Garden, the top décor company in South Florida for Indian weddings. Jilna’s eye for style and decor has made them leaders in the Indian Wedding market for years.  Their talent and attention to detail is wonderful.   Let’s see what Jilna had to say under the spotlight.




PI:  What inspired you to start Suhaag Garden?

Jilna: As cliched as it may sound, it wasn’t until I planned my own wedding — with my now, both life and business partner — that I realized I wanted to devote my life to this profession of event design and decor.  I love all-things-weddings, but I never thought of being a part of someone else’s wedding until I finally got married.  I’ve always gravitated towards exquisite florals, vibrant colors and luxe fashion so in some ways, starting this business seemed a natural extension of my interests.


PI: How would you describe a Suhaag Garden client?

 Jilna: A bride who demands creativity above else, and has an appreciation for art.  The new generation of newlyweds respond really positively when we marry (no pun intended) the trendy with tradition, classic with fusion, and soft with drama.  It’s all mixing things up so no two weddings ever look the same.


PI: What are the hot trends for 2014-2015?

Jilna: We’re starting to see a lot of favorites from the yesteryears make a comeback and likely to remain into the next year.  Sequins, metallics, glitter, radiant orchid colors, geometric shapes (chevron), and neon accents are all strong contenders to look out for.


PI: Tell us more about t’Anirika?

Jilna: Since flowers are typically such an integral part of our wedding designs, we began experimenting with them and exploring new ways to enhance the overall impact. What started as a simple wish, culminated into an extension of our company: t’Anirika. From the whimsical hairpieces to exotic necklaces, we find inspiration in everything from vibrant orchids to luscious berries to classic red roses. Best of all, we ship jewelry nationwide.


PI: Do you travel outside of Florida?

Jilna: Yes!  It would be too selfish to not spread the love outside the sunshine state.  We design events through the US southeast and Caribbean Islands.


PI: You spend a lot of time in the van/car traveling for work. What is playing on the radio station?

Jilna: Desi music, of course!  We can never get enough of it. | |

Photo credit: Pure Emotions Photography

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South Florida Wedding Videographer Spotlight

Our feature today is on Michael LaFrance of LaFrance Films a fabulous wedding and documentary videographer based in Palm Beach, Florida. Michael goes above and beyond to connect with clients and always finds a way to give them a unique experience. subdomains . Let’s see what Michael had to say under the spotlight.














PI: How would you describe your videographer style?

Michael: I can’t say that I have a particular “style” in the traditional sense. I am a story teller and each couple I work with has a different story to tell. It’s my job to take their personal story and make sure that I capture the emotions that go with it and present it in a way that truly expresses the wedding day.


PI: If you weren’t a videographer what else would you?

Michael: That’s a tough question! Is a photographer too close to what I do now? How about a beach bum? Truthfully, it’s a really tough thing for me to answer because I really do what I love. I love meeting people and helping them tell their stories. subdomains . site not working I have my dream job.


PI: What is the most common question clients ask you?

Michael: You mean other than how much are my services?! Many people ask me if I just film weddings. the answer is no, but that’s what they want to know. I can film anything as long as there’s a story to tell.


PI: How would you describe a LaFrance Films client?

Michael: For weddings, my clients are people who I really can connect with. They are good people who love each other. Capoucompswerin They obviously understand quality film-making, but that goes without saying! But I don’t work with people who I can’t get a good sense for or see how much they love each other and their families.


PI: What new technology are you offering to clients?

Michael: We have the amazing ability to use cutting-edge drone technology to offer amazing aerial shots that you can’t get with anything else. We can fly in over the ocean right up to the ceremony and beyond in one, fluid shot. dns information . It is really amazing and many of my clients are taking advantage of it.


PI: What is your favorite mealtime? Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?

Michael: Breakfast for Lunch and Dinner! |‎ |





Local Photographer Spotlight

Happy Tuesday everyone,

Each Tuesday we are going to put up a post spotlighting amazing talent that rock the South Florida Wedding market. We are going to feature photographers, cinematographers, stationers, caterers dressers, musicians, bakers…basically anyone or anything fab that is wedding related. site not working . Our goal is to make the spotlight feature fun and quick to read.  We hope you find the info useful. Enjoy!

Our first spotlight is on Kallima Photography. This hip husband and wife duo has an amazing eye for detail and a great passion for their work. subdomains We put the spotlight on Ben and Rebekah and here is what they had to say.

Ben and Rebekah Hood

Ben and Rebekah Hood









PI: What is the best thing about being your own boss?

Ben: Being home with our kids most every day is probably the best thing for me.  I’m a big fan of traveling around and shooting, but it’s always rad to get to hang out with my kids and have lunch.

Rebekah: I really enjoy getting my make our own rules for life and family. I feel like being home and having the freedom to work when and how we want gives us ultimate flexibility…with our kids school, our travel, when and how often we see family, and how much time we get to spend in relationship with others. Of course, there are many days where this is very stressful, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


PI: How would you describe your photography style?

Ben: my style is a mix of photojournalism and fashion photography.  I know that may sound odd to some people, but it really makes sense when you think about it.  A wedding photographer’s job is to document the day, and then to take amazing portraits.  My goal is always to photograph the events of the day in a way that tells the story, and then to take portraits that stand on their own.

Rebekah: I never really have a great answer for this question, its a hard one. One thing I can say, is that I always try to make people feel amazing about themselves. Whether I’m shooting boudoir, an engagement session, or a wedding day involving bridesmaids and moms and brides and grooms, I’m always looking to photograph people and moments in a way that makes my subjects feel incredible.


PI: When going to an event what is the one thing you never leave home without?

Ben: I always have collar stays, a pocket knife and a mini sewing kit in my photography bag. We’re there to support the bride and the groom on their wedding day, and if that means sewing a button on a shirt….well, you do that.

Rebekah: Mole Skin. It fixes the blisters brides and bridesmaids inevitably end up with, and then I am the hero of the day.


PI: How would you describe a Kallima client?

Ben: Our clients tend to be fashionable people who make waves in the world. They don’t want the typical wedding- they want something above and beyond, and they choose their vendors carefully to reflect that.

Rebekah: Our clients tend to be people who understand the difference between good and exceptional. They have class and taste, take great care with their wedding details, and love fashion and photography alike.


PI: If you were stuck on a dessert Island what three things would bring with you?

Ben: A pocketknife, a turkey sandwich and a helicopter. -Really, why wouldn’t you bring a way to get off of the island?

Rebekah: dry shampoo, a yacht, and cabernet sauvignon.

ben and rebekah hood | |





Sneak Peek: Indian Wedding Photography


We are so lucky to have worked with this lovely couple from Canada on their recent nuptials in Miami! They are ridiculously in love and while this picture shows a more serious side…they are two of the funniest people I have ever met. Here’s a sneak peek image from the wonderful Nami Dadlani Photography. Videography by Senderey Video. Hair and make-up by Renata at The Artist Revealed site not working . website offline subdomains subdomains . dns information . Adamova jaroslava H cartier bresson . Capoucompswerin

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Fur Better or Fur Worse

Growing up, I had always thought “I hope one day I marry someone that is as excited as my dog is for me to come home” and the sentiment remains. For all my animal lovers out there…you know how special dogs are in our lives and how they are with us through the sunny days and rainy days – just like what a marriage should be based on. site not working So why wouldn’t you include your furry friend in your big day? The day you cross your paws and hope you all will be one big family happy.

If your venue allows animals, perfect! Put a bow-tie on Boomer or a collar of flowers on Daisy and have an entrusted family member walk them down the aisle to be a part of your ceremony. Bonus: Small ring bearer pillows can be easily attached to a dog collar.

If your venue is not pet-friendly, there are still plenty of ways to incorporate your best friend in the festivities. You can include them in your engagement photo shoot or even have a family member stop them by for a sloppy good luck kiss and photo op pre-ceremony.

Here are some photos that make our hearts melt and tails wag. subdomains dns information . Adamova jaroslava H cartier bresson . Capoucompswerin

  • anne-adam300
  • anne-hathaway-wedding
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  • anne-hathaway-wedding

Au Natural

While we’re on the topic of celebrity weddings, we are over the moon for Anne Hathaway, who got married this past weekend in Big Sur, California to her long-time beau Adam Schulman. All the details from her Valentino gown to vegan menu can be easily duplicated for your special day!anne-hathaway-wedding

Nature Inspiration – Barn weddings have been an extremely popular trend lately, with barn venues popping up across the country simply to cater to weddings and special events. Even if your wedding is indoors, finding an outdoor setting for special photos is a great idea to capture some of the best lighting and most beautiful, natural moments. We decided to take the barn, natural, rustic feel and show ways to glam it up and make it your own!

Go Vegan. – Healthy for you, healthy for the environment. Capoucompswerin . H cartier bresson That’s precisely why vegan weddings have doubled in the last two years. When The National Restaurant Association surveyed chefs around the country for their “What’s Hot in 2011” questionnaire, more than half of the chefs responded veganism. site not working . While not all of your guests may be feeling the meatless vibe, there are plenty of ways to incorporate a few vegan items onto your menu or create a full vegan menu that’s hard for anyone to resist. Try out this recipe at home for a spicy lentil wrap with tahini sauce stolen from California specialty supermarket, Trader Joe’s!

Bridal Style – While Anne kept everything else about her wedding day simple, she went all out in a custom-made Valentino gown and a headpiece that goes great with her pixie cut. Whether you have longer locks or a short ‘do, headpieces are a great way to make a statement.

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