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Indian Wedding Trends to Consider

While traditional Hindu weddings last for many days and include many rituals performed in Sanskrit, the reality is that modern Indian wedding ceremonies in the US are shorter and designed to be appreciated by non-Indian audiences as well. In other words, while there’s plenty of opportunity for breathtakingly beautiful Indian tradition and culture to shine on your wedding day, there are also opportunities for creativity and a personal touch.

Ideas to consider for your Indian wedding include:

1.     Coordinating a color scheme for the family. Not only does this look incredible for the wedding, but it creates beautiful pictures that you and your family will cherish. For instance, if pink is the color of your Indian wedding, then have everyone – even extended family – wear different shades of pink for your wedding day. site not working . You’ll find that it unifies you as a family during your wedding day.

2.     Opting for trendier outfits later in the evening. It’s always nice for the bride to establish a different look at each function of the wedding. Of course, the ceremony itself will call for a traditional look, but when it comes to the reception and other functions, it’s acceptable and often fun to go more contemporary.

3.     Keeping fabric textures in mind. The wardrobe for your wedding shouldn’t only be about color and embroidery. Consider blending different fabrics and textures to create an original, stunning look.

4.     Having a bridal party. Once associated only with church weddings, bridal parties are now also acceptable for the bride at an Indian wedding. Besides, it’s exciting to share this milestone with close family and friends and allow them to help you in planning the big day.

5.     Flamboyant hairstyles. Even if you don’t traditionally wear your hair up, consider doing it for your wedding day for a more glamorous look, especially when you’re dressed up in ornate attire. Flowers, jewelry, and neckpieces will all help make you more comfortable with a new hairstyle. Whether it’s the traditional chignon or a contemporary style, there’s plenty of opportunity to try something new.

6.     Choosing colors based on body. Generally, brides tend to choose a color for their wedding day based on the season. The reality though is that people will better remember your wedding from pictures, so it’s important to note how the color suits you in your pictures.

By keeping these ideas in mind, you can enjoy the traditional elements of an Indian wedding while infusing contemporary ideas.


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Fab February

Happy (very belated) New Year!!

Here at Pawar Inc., we have been focusing the first month of the New Year on expanding into every kind of event you can imagine – Engagement planning, engagement parties, bridal showers, baby showers, or a party just because life is something to celebrate! Let us make life’s milestones even more memorable and most importantly, stress-free.

Now, onto a month full of love and romantic colors. Here is some fab floral inspiration for February weddings.


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