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South Florida Wedding Videographer Spotlight

Our feature today is on Michael LaFrance of LaFrance Films a fabulous wedding and documentary videographer based in Palm Beach, Florida. Michael goes above and beyond to connect with clients and always finds a way to give them a unique experience. subdomains . Let’s see what Michael had to say under the spotlight.














PI: How would you describe your videographer style?

Michael: I can’t say that I have a particular “style” in the traditional sense. I am a story teller and each couple I work with has a different story to tell. It’s my job to take their personal story and make sure that I capture the emotions that go with it and present it in a way that truly expresses the wedding day.


PI: If you weren’t a videographer what else would you?

Michael: That’s a tough question! Is a photographer too close to what I do now? How about a beach bum? Truthfully, it’s a really tough thing for me to answer because I really do what I love. I love meeting people and helping them tell their stories. subdomains . site not working I have my dream job.


PI: What is the most common question clients ask you?

Michael: You mean other than how much are my services?! Many people ask me if I just film weddings. the answer is no, but that’s what they want to know. I can film anything as long as there’s a story to tell.


PI: How would you describe a LaFrance Films client?

Michael: For weddings, my clients are people who I really can connect with. They are good people who love each other. Capoucompswerin They obviously understand quality film-making, but that goes without saying! But I don’t work with people who I can’t get a good sense for or see how much they love each other and their families.


PI: What new technology are you offering to clients?

Michael: We have the amazing ability to use cutting-edge drone technology to offer amazing aerial shots that you can’t get with anything else. We can fly in over the ocean right up to the ceremony and beyond in one, fluid shot. dns information . It is really amazing and many of my clients are taking advantage of it.


PI: What is your favorite mealtime? Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?

Michael: Breakfast for Lunch and Dinner! |‎ |





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