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Same-Sex Marriage in Florida – We Made It!

Congratulations to the LGBT community of South Florida. We are so happy and proud to be a part of a community that accepts everyone for who they are. site not working . reebok question Pawar, Inc is looking forward to soon be planning it’s first Indian themed same-sex wedding…in the mean time enjoy some inspiration photos and if you’re a couple looking to tie the knot desi style give us a call. Let me see those light bulbs!


Love conquers all

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All you need is Love

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Love knows no boundaries

desi gay wedding

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Indian Wedding Trends to Consider

While traditional Hindu weddings last for many days and include many rituals performed in Sanskrit, the reality is that modern Indian wedding ceremonies in the US are shorter and designed to be appreciated by non-Indian audiences as well. In other words, while there’s plenty of opportunity for breathtakingly beautiful Indian tradition and culture to shine on your wedding day, there are also opportunities for creativity and a personal touch.

Ideas to consider for your Indian wedding include:

1.     Coordinating a color scheme for the family. Not only does this look incredible for the wedding, but it creates beautiful pictures that you and your family will cherish. For instance, if pink is the color of your Indian wedding, then have everyone – even extended family – wear different shades of pink for your wedding day. site not working . You’ll find that it unifies you as a family during your wedding day.

2.     Opting for trendier outfits later in the evening. It’s always nice for the bride to establish a different look at each function of the wedding. Of course, the ceremony itself will call for a traditional look, but when it comes to the reception and other functions, it’s acceptable and often fun to go more contemporary.

3.     Keeping fabric textures in mind. The wardrobe for your wedding shouldn’t only be about color and embroidery. Consider blending different fabrics and textures to create an original, stunning look.

4.     Having a bridal party. Once associated only with church weddings, bridal parties are now also acceptable for the bride at an Indian wedding. Besides, it’s exciting to share this milestone with close family and friends and allow them to help you in planning the big day.

5.     Flamboyant hairstyles. Even if you don’t traditionally wear your hair up, consider doing it for your wedding day for a more glamorous look, especially when you’re dressed up in ornate attire. Flowers, jewelry, and neckpieces will all help make you more comfortable with a new hairstyle. Whether it’s the traditional chignon or a contemporary style, there’s plenty of opportunity to try something new.

6.     Choosing colors based on body. Generally, brides tend to choose a color for their wedding day based on the season. The reality though is that people will better remember your wedding from pictures, so it’s important to note how the color suits you in your pictures.

By keeping these ideas in mind, you can enjoy the traditional elements of an Indian wedding while infusing contemporary ideas.


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Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

One of the first things on your to-do list should be to find the perfect Indian wedding venue. After all, the success of your big day will largely depend on the venue itself, as it sets the scene for one of the largest milestones in your life. Knowing what to look for and how to find an Indian wedding venue will help ensure that you find the perfect location.

 Determine Your Needs for the Venue

Because Indian weddings are generally large affairs, chances are that you will need a large venue to accommodate all your guests. Larger venues tend to be more challenging to book, so it’s important to begin your search far in advance. In fact, some couples begin searching as far as a year before the actual ceremony. Needs that you should consider include:

  • Size. How many guests are you anticipating? Remember, the cost of wedding venues can vary based on how many guests you expect. Plus, it’s crucial to ensure the venue is large enough for everyone.
  • Wedding budget. Your budget will determine whether or not a potential Indian wedding venue makes it to your shortlist. H cartier bresson . While the budget varies from wedding to wedding, most couples spend 48-50 percent of their total budget on the reception.
  • Decorations. Every Indian wedding needs decorations, and it’s important to know the venue’s policies on decorating the location. subdomains . Furthermore, your ability to decorate is affected by whether it’s an indoor or outdoor venue.

Always Visit an Indian Wedding Venue in Person

Many couples make the mistake of booking a venue without actually visiting it in person. Remember, glossy brochures and websites are designed to showcase the venue in the best light possible, so they’re not always reliable barometers of the venue’s condition.

As you tour a potential wedding venue in person, you’ll want to visualize the day of the event. Is there enough space for the dance floor? Does the venue’s overall “feel” complement what you want your wedding day to look like? These are some of the most important considerations to keep in mind as you view the venue.

Furthermore, be sure to ask the venue whether or not they allow outside catering.  If not, you’ll want to be sure that you taste the venue’s menu if they have an in-house team that must be used, as this can make or break the consideration. Finally, be sure to get all costs and fees in writing before booking a venue!

Keeping cool, calm & chic during a summer Indian wedding

Hosting a destination wedding during the summer months in South Florida has its peaks and valleys.  The best part is that you will save some dough!  In the summer the hotel rates go down, the vendors reduce their prices and you can have your pick of venues.  The down side is the weather.  The daily forecast is hot and humid with a sprinkling of showers.  If you are thinking of hosting an Indian destination wedding then you face some bigger challenges because typically the ceremony is done during the day and outside.  The standard issues span from the guests being overheated. Imagine wearing a heavy sari, full make-up and jewelry in 90-degree weather; the bride and groom overly glistening (we don’t like to use the word sweat); and family photos becoming very difficult to coordinate with hot and hungry family members.  So what is a chic and budget savvy bride supposed to do? Simple…let the crew at Pawar, Inc. give you some sunny advice.

Ice Cold beverage – offer your guests a delish and refreshing welcome drink as they arrive.  One of our favorites for the summer is a crushed ice peach bellini infused with rosemary. A twist on the welcome drink is a welcome sorbet. Have servers hand carve it out of a watermelon or pineapple for a la carte service as guests arrive.

Fan me – the comfort of your guests should be a top priority.  Nobody wants to bake in the sun. You want your guests to watch the wedding ceremony with love in their hearts, not bad thoughts about how hot and uncomfortable they are.   A great way to keep the wedding outdoors is to provide your guests with some shade. You can get creative and provide fans or personalized umbrellas.   We love big market umbrellas that reflect the heat and provide shade.

Our favorite and most budget saavy option …From dawn till dusk – opt to have your wedding ceremony in the early evening to capture the beautiful light in photos and to let the heat surpass.  You can then go straight into cocktails and dinner and your guests will have the hottest part of the day to lounge poolside.




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Bright and Bold Wedding Trends: Spring into Stationary

Lately in South Florida, the weather has been pure perfection. Bright blue skies, crisp white clouds, and a subtle breeze that makes the wild flowers sway. This got us thinking about the beauty of Spring and all the ways to utilize this lovely season to our advantage for upcoming weddings. The answer came to us in the form of paper goods! Stationary is a great way to enhance your wedding or event while remaining somewhat understated.

Recently, we have been getting a lot of questions about Indian wedding invitations and how to add contemporary elements. While many Indian couples think you have to stay with traditional Indian designs and a simple invitation, we dare you to be bold. The invitation is a first impression, and a hint into the fabulousness that is soon to be your wedding. Using an ultra-modern invitation while inscribing “Traditional Hindu ceremony” creates a fun juxtaposition.

For spring, we are loving bright and bold colors. Pops of emerald, blood orange, magenta and sapphire are not only in season, but are so very eye-catching.

Watercolor floral patterns are another spring must-have, showing a softer side of the season. They can transport you to the enchantment of a secret garden while remaining dainty, detail oriented, and elegant. site not working . Feel free to play around with designs you may have shied away from before.

Stationary doesn’t stop at invites, but can carry on into every aspect of the event. Adorned labels attached to straws or poked into food make your delicious food and drinks look even more delectable.

Here are some gorgeous invitations we love from All of these come with matching place cards, menu cards, ceremony programs, and tons of fun ways to incorporate paper goods into your upcoming wedding or event! We also included some fun images of labels sneaking their way into your tasty treats.


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Indian Wedding Clothing: What Does Your Sari Say About You?

indian bridal dress 1Indian wedding traditions differ depending on region, religion, and culture. The dress will vary depending on where the bride is from. Indian wedding clothing is an integral part of the wedding process because of the religious significance of various articles of clothing.

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