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Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

One of the first things on your to-do list should be to find the perfect Indian wedding venue. After all, the success of your big day will largely depend on the venue itself, as it sets the scene for one of the largest milestones in your life. Knowing what to look for and how to find an Indian wedding venue will help ensure that you find the perfect location.

 Determine Your Needs for the Venue

Because Indian weddings are generally large affairs, chances are that you will need a large venue to accommodate all your guests. Larger venues tend to be more challenging to book, so it’s important to begin your search far in advance. In fact, some couples begin searching as far as a year before the actual ceremony. Needs that you should consider include:

  • Size. How many guests are you anticipating? Remember, the cost of wedding venues can vary based on how many guests you expect. Plus, it’s crucial to ensure the venue is large enough for everyone.
  • Wedding budget. Your budget will determine whether or not a potential Indian wedding venue makes it to your shortlist. H cartier bresson . While the budget varies from wedding to wedding, most couples spend 48-50 percent of their total budget on the reception.
  • Decorations. Every Indian wedding needs decorations, and it’s important to know the venue’s policies on decorating the location. subdomains . Furthermore, your ability to decorate is affected by whether it’s an indoor or outdoor venue.

Always Visit an Indian Wedding Venue in Person

Many couples make the mistake of booking a venue without actually visiting it in person. Remember, glossy brochures and websites are designed to showcase the venue in the best light possible, so they’re not always reliable barometers of the venue’s condition.

As you tour a potential wedding venue in person, you’ll want to visualize the day of the event. Is there enough space for the dance floor? Does the venue’s overall “feel” complement what you want your wedding day to look like? These are some of the most important considerations to keep in mind as you view the venue.

Furthermore, be sure to ask the venue whether or not they allow outside catering.  If not, you’ll want to be sure that you taste the venue’s menu if they have an in-house team that must be used, as this can make or break the consideration. Finally, be sure to get all costs and fees in writing before booking a venue!

Sneak Peek: Indian Wedding Photography


We are so lucky to have worked with this lovely couple from Canada on their recent nuptials in Miami! They are ridiculously in love and while this picture shows a more serious side…they are two of the funniest people I have ever met. Here’s a sneak peek image from the wonderful Nami Dadlani Photography. Videography by Senderey Video. Hair and make-up by Renata at The Artist Revealed site not working . website offline subdomains subdomains . dns information . Adamova jaroslava H cartier bresson . Capoucompswerin

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