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Out with the old, in with the new

While browsing through Pinterest, wedding blogs, and talking with plenty of brides…there was something in our minds that we just couldn’t scratch. This may seem a little drastic to say but someone has got to do it…we are over centerpieces!

When I say we are over centerpieces, I mean we are over the typical flower arrangement in the center of the table, one low, one high, every other table. It all becomes mundane after a bit and something that every guest has seen. subdomains . It is very possible to still have a traditional Indian wedding while showing guests something they haven’t experienced yet. A way to really wow your guests is to use long rectangle tables mixed with square tables and mix and match unique table runners. Capoucompswerin . Adamova jaroslava . dns information subdomains . Another great way to spice up your reception is to use different topiaries along with flowers or an accent fruit like lemon, lime, or orange.

One of our inspirations came from this fab party thrown at The Temple House, a unique and modern venue in South Beach. While there are still small flowers and candles on the tables, the large trees around the room is the focus and creates a secret garden feel, while still enjoying the air conditioning indoors.

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Add fabulous furniture for pizzazz by having couches mixed with chairs. Bubble Miami has amazing options to create a sleek chic look. For a touch of whimsy and vintage treasures we love working with Unearthed Vintage.


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Fab February

Happy (very belated) New Year!!

Here at Pawar Inc., we have been focusing the first month of the New Year on expanding into every kind of event you can imagine – Engagement planning, engagement parties, bridal showers, baby showers, or a party just because life is something to celebrate! Let us make life’s milestones even more memorable and most importantly, stress-free.

Now, onto a month full of love and romantic colors. Here is some fab floral inspiration for February weddings.


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