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Live Band or DJ? Considerations for Your Big Event

The music at your event could make or break the function, as it sets the mood for the entire evening and ensures that your guests have fun. But how do you know whether you should hire a DJ or band for your event? While live bands can be a crowd pleaser, DJs also have a wide variety of tunes in their library to satisfy all tastes in music. By considering the pros and cons of each, you can ensure that you pick the best music for your event.

Benefits of Hiring a Live Band

No matter how fancy a DJ’s playlist can be, very few things can energize a crowd like live music when it comes to getting more people excited for dancing. Plus, because good musicians can adjust the tempo, sound quality, and song form, it’s easier to ensure that the music fits the venue and the event.

The biggest downside to hiring a live band is the cost. Because there are multiple musicians involved, the cost is significantly higher compared to a DJ, but the quality and benefits are certainly worth the price for many people. Before hiring a band, be sure to ask for samples or for referrals. Remember, some bands can only play one sound, so it’s important to consider the sound you want for your event and whether or not the band can easily switch styles or genres.

 Benefits of Hiring a DJ

The prime benefit of hiring a DJ for your event is the vast library that the DJ has. This will thrill your guests, as people can make requests and have that music played. If the DJ is for a wedding reception, you and your new spouse can dance to the song that you fell in love with, instead of a performance from a cover band. Furthermore, a DJ will be able to play music continuously without any breaks or interruptions. The wide library will ensure that there’s a number to accompany every moment of your event.

However, a DJ isn’t always the best solution, as many might get bored or go on autopilot. You want to ensure that your DJ is passionate about your event and making it as exciting as possible.

In the end, it’s all about determining the type of music that you want for your event. There will always be an excellent band or DJ to fulfill the need!


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  • Blake-Lively-Engagement-Ring

Southern Comfort

We are so inspired by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s recent September nuptials! The gorgeous duo wed earlier this month at Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, just outside of Charleston in a white-tented reception. While official photos have not been released, we have taken ideas and created a look book of our own – a unique blend of charm and tradition with a modern twist!

Tent Weddings – We recently went to Los Angeles and got the opportunity to attend a pre-Emmy party fitted for the stars, using these to-die-for Raj Tents! Tents are a unique way to make an evening more intimate or offer some shade on a warm day.






Here are some other options for tenting styles – clear and lighted tents:






Mash-up Music – Blake & Ryan had a mix of live performances (from celebrity friends Florence + the Machine) and a DJ. Having a DJ mixed with live performances or classical musicians is a great way to surprise guests and liven up the night. Recently, we had a string quartet play traditional Indian music as the bride walked down the aisle, followed by a deejayed reception that had everyone dancing into the wee hours of the night!






The Ring!  – How can we not mention Blake’s Lorraine Schwartz stunner engagement ring? A trend to look out for – gold! We love the rose gold showcased here with an elegant oval cut diamond.





Continuing + ending with that theme, Gold is a color that never goes out of style and adds flare to any event. Here’s some small ways to incorporate this regal pop of color into your wedding.

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