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Today our feature is on Jilna of Suhaag Garden, the top décor company in South Florida for Indian weddings. Jilna’s eye for style and decor has made them leaders in the Indian Wedding market for years.  Their talent and attention to detail is wonderful.   Let’s see what Jilna had to say under the spotlight.




PI:  What inspired you to start Suhaag Garden?

Jilna: As cliched as it may sound, it wasn’t until I planned my own wedding — with my now, both life and business partner — that I realized I wanted to devote my life to this profession of event design and decor.  I love all-things-weddings, but I never thought of being a part of someone else’s wedding until I finally got married.  I’ve always gravitated towards exquisite florals, vibrant colors and luxe fashion so in some ways, starting this business seemed a natural extension of my interests.


PI: How would you describe a Suhaag Garden client?

 Jilna: A bride who demands creativity above else, and has an appreciation for art.  The new generation of newlyweds respond really positively when we marry (no pun intended) the trendy with tradition, classic with fusion, and soft with drama.  It’s all mixing things up so no two weddings ever look the same.


PI: What are the hot trends for 2014-2015?

Jilna: We’re starting to see a lot of favorites from the yesteryears make a comeback and likely to remain into the next year.  Sequins, metallics, glitter, radiant orchid colors, geometric shapes (chevron), and neon accents are all strong contenders to look out for.


PI: Tell us more about t’Anirika?

Jilna: Since flowers are typically such an integral part of our wedding designs, we began experimenting with them and exploring new ways to enhance the overall impact. What started as a simple wish, culminated into an extension of our company: t’Anirika. From the whimsical hairpieces to exotic necklaces, we find inspiration in everything from vibrant orchids to luscious berries to classic red roses. Best of all, we ship jewelry nationwide.


PI: Do you travel outside of Florida?

Jilna: Yes!  It would be too selfish to not spread the love outside the sunshine state.  We design events through the US southeast and Caribbean Islands.


PI: You spend a lot of time in the van/car traveling for work. What is playing on the radio station?

Jilna: Desi music, of course!  We can never get enough of it.


Events@suhaaggarden.com | www.suhaaggarden.com

www.facebook.com/suhaaggarden | www.suhaaggarden.com/blog

Photo credit: Pure Emotions Photography

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