Invitations: Should I add a Plus One?

When it comes to wedding invitations and the guest list the plus one can have you scratching your head.  Should you allow your friends to bring their boyfriend or girlfriend? Should you invite the whole family plus their adult children’s significant others?  These are common questions every bride asks or thinks about.  Here is my rule of thumb. Don’t be a soggy sponge about it, but don’t be a doormat either. subdomains . site not working Remember you can never please everyone.

Plus One

If your friend is dating someone seriously (three years or more) or is engaged then suck it up and invite him or her. If your friend is single don’t feel obligated to give them a plus one. After all sometimes weddings are the best places to connect people together.  Love is in the air after all!

Family Invite

When it comes to family invitations I suggest you only invite an entire family (parents, children and possibly adult children’s significant others) if you are close with that family. Example for parents, if you are inviting the family then only invite the children if your friend’s kids grew up with your kid that is getting married.   In this instance it is a good idea to get two sets of RSVP cards (one with a later date for the “B” list) and send the big family invitation cards out first.


Wedding invitation RSVP card

Wedding invitation RSVP card

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