How to Drape a Dupatta

How to Drape a Dupatta

Draping a dupatta on your wedding day can be a daunting and time-consuming task. The dupatta has to look fantastic because all eyes are on you, as well as stay in place. For this reason I always hire dresser to drape the bride so that she looks flawless and feels 100% confident walking down the aisle or entering a ballroom for her grand introduction.


I sometimes get push back from clients about this, but to me a good dresser is worth their weight in gold.


For my non-desi friends the definition of a dupatta: (du·pat·ta) a length of material worn as a scarf or head covering or draped over the body.


FAQ “Can’t my aunt or friend help with draping the dupatta?” The answer to this is yes, but why put yourself in a position for possible failure? The pressure is on!  My philosophy is “pay a professional to have peace of mind.”  Hiring a good dresser means no stress for the bride and everyone will be dressed on time. Your dupatta will stay in place and look amaze, which is particularly important during the ceremony as a bride will be standing, sitting, moving during that time.


For dupatta draping inspiration take a look at this handy guide on


My favorite was #15: Simple drape with one dupatta.

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