Same-Sex Marriage in Florida – We Made It!

Congratulations to the LGBT community of South Florida. We are so happy and proud to be a part of a community that accepts everyone for who they are. site not working . reebok question Pawar, Inc is looking forward to soon be planning it’s first Indian themed same-sex wedding…in the mean time enjoy some inspiration photos and if you’re a couple looking to tie the knot desi style give us a call. Let me see those light bulbs!


Love conquers all

gay couple indian theme















All you need is Love

lesbian couple indian theme














Love knows no boundaries

desi gay wedding

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How to Drape a Dupatta

How to Drape a Dupatta

Draping a dupatta on your wedding day can be a daunting and time-consuming task. The dupatta has to look fantastic because all eyes are on you, as well as stay in place. For this reason I always hire dresser to drape the bride so that she looks flawless and feels 100% confident walking down the aisle or entering a ballroom for her grand introduction.


I sometimes get push back from clients about this, but to me a good dresser is worth their weight in gold.


For my non-desi friends the definition of a dupatta: (du·pat·ta) a length of material worn as a scarf or head covering or draped over the body.


FAQ “Can’t my aunt or friend help with draping the dupatta?” The answer to this is yes, but why put yourself in a position for possible failure? The pressure is on!  My philosophy is “pay a professional to have peace of mind.”  Hiring a good dresser means no stress for the bride and everyone will be dressed on time. Your dupatta will stay in place and look amaze, which is particularly important during the ceremony as a bride will be standing, sitting, moving during that time.


For dupatta draping inspiration take a look at this handy guide on


My favorite was #15: Simple drape with one dupatta.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 6.57.55 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 6.57.07 PM

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Invitations: Should I add a Plus One?

When it comes to wedding invitations and the guest list the plus one can have you scratching your head.  Should you allow your friends to bring their boyfriend or girlfriend? Should you invite the whole family plus their adult children’s significant others?  These are common questions every bride asks or thinks about.  Here is my rule of thumb. Don’t be a soggy sponge about it, but don’t be a doormat either. subdomains . site not working Remember you can never please everyone.

Plus One

If your friend is dating someone seriously (three years or more) or is engaged then suck it up and invite him or her. If your friend is single don’t feel obligated to give them a plus one. After all sometimes weddings are the best places to connect people together.  Love is in the air after all!

Family Invite

When it comes to family invitations I suggest you only invite an entire family (parents, children and possibly adult children’s significant others) if you are close with that family. Example for parents, if you are inviting the family then only invite the children if your friend’s kids grew up with your kid that is getting married.   In this instance it is a good idea to get two sets of RSVP cards (one with a later date for the “B” list) and send the big family invitation cards out first.


Wedding invitation RSVP card

Wedding invitation RSVP card

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Bridesmaid Dresses and Gifts

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is always an honor.  It tells your friend/family they are loved, appreciated and you want them to be close to you on your special day.  A few years back I was asked by a client to define the role of a bridesmaid.  I had to think about it, and my response was; be supportive of the bride, hold her hand when she gets nervous, be wary of emotions, and take everything with a pinch of salt.

For a bride, having a group of her nearest and dearest along side her every step of the way is priceless.  So when looking for a dress or sari and gift select items that represent you as well as reflect your BFs style.

Listed below are some handy dandy tools to point you in the right direction.

simpledress and gigi

Dress on a Budget

Selecting the perfect dress to match personalities and color schemes is no easy task. You don’t want to pick anything too overpowering or underwhelming. Thanks to many websites there are online tools available to make this process much easier. Our favorite this season is  The dresses come from Hong Kong, are inexpensive and customizable.



Saris are beautiful and always look elegant.  You can mix and match the colors within a color palette or buy matching saris.  A lot of brides don’t have time to travel to India so I suggest support your local business.  Work with the shop owner to pick out saris that match your theme. Do this early and you can even have the store order items from India. My favorite stores locally in South Florida are Rupees in Miami and India Fashion in West Palm Beach.


Thanks for being there

You have to give your bridesmaids a sweet gift to say thanks. I have seen everything from Christian Dior earrings to personalized make-up bags.  My favorite this season is Gigi has a huge selection of personalized gifts and beautiful leather products that your bridesmaids will adore. Adamova jaroslava . H cartier bresson . Capoucompswerin

Wedding Cake Ideas and Planning Tips

Planning the perfect wedding cake? before you make any major decisions it is important to grab some inspiration wherever you can, Hitched have designed and researched a gorgeous infographic sharing wedding cake shape, sizes and flavoring ideas to help you design your own wedding cake.


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South Florida Cinematographer Spotlight – Bridges Cinema

Bridges Cinema is owned and run by husband and wife team Will and Sandra Bridges. Their keen eye for quality and romance puts their work on another level and because of this is often featured on Style Me Pretty. We love Sandra and Will and loved having them under the spotlight. Here is what Bridges Cinema had to say….


Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 4.39.43 PM


PI: What is the best thing about being your own boss?

BC: There are many advantages to begin your own boss.  Most importantly is the flexibility of our time. subdomains subdomains . site not working  Although most of our events happen during the weekend, we are able to spend a lot of time with our kids, participating in their events, attending school functions or just being around.


PI: How would you describe your videography style?

BC: We consider ourselves cinematographers.  Both Will and I are passionate about filming.  We make a great team, as I tend to be more detailed oriented and he can handle multiple tasks.  We are about quality, well composed, story-driven films.  It’s about telling the story.  We like to get to know our clients ( corporate or couples) that really helps us tell a better story.


PI: When going to an event what is the one thing you never leave home without?

BC: We will work hard for our clients.  Will’s response to this question is his towel, as he knows he will work hard!! I in turn will need an energy bar to keep me going until I get a break.


PI: How would you describe a Bridges Cinema client?

BC: A Bridges Cinema client tends to value film.  They recognize that film as an important medium to capture their event and convey their story.  Our clients tend to be just as creative as we are. H cartier bresson  They identify themselves in our films and trust us to create films that are emotional, timeless and unique to them.


PI: What is your favorite wedding movie?

BC: My Big Fat Greek Wedding is probably my favorite wedding movie.  I can’t help it, it’s about family, traditions, cultural experiences and so funny!!!

Hitched then comes the honeymoon

If you are lucky enough to be planning a lavish honeymoon with your new spouse then you might be wondering where the best destinations are at the moment. Hitched have created a gorgeous infographic to help you plan the honeymoon of your dreams by showing you which countries you have to visit and what you can do whilst you are there and even offer some fun facts.

For example Havana Cuba is a fabulous choice, offering you gorgeous weather, Latin art, museums, the beach and did you know that Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary in Cuba so why not do as the celebs do and honeymoon in paradise?.

Hitched are a leading wedding planning website with lots of helpful information and inspirational ideas, offering you advise and planning tools to help any bride and groom plan their special day.


Honeymoons - Where To Go And What To Do (IN)

Created by Hitched IN

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Local Vendor Spotlight: Miami Wedding Photographer

Our feature today is on Katie Lopez of  Katie Lopez Photography, a truly special wedding and fashion photographer based out of Miami, Florida. Katie is genuinely amazing at what she does and creates images that couples will cherish for a lifetime.




PI: What is the best thing about being your own boss?

KLP: The best part about being my own boss is making my own schedule. I love to travel so having that flexibility in my schedule is great!


PI: How would you describe your photography style?

KLP: I would describe my photography style as soft, natural, light-filled, and happy!


PI: When going to an event what is the one thing you never leave home without?

KLP: My husband! I have never or could ever shoot a wedding without him. His support gets me through those long wedding days.


PI: How would you describe a KLP client?

KLP: KLP clients have a love for light-filled images, have great personal style, and are very much in love.


PI: What is your dream vacation destination and why?

KLP: Such a hard one! Really anywhere with beautiful, natural landscapes. Every year my husband and I go on a month-long adventure. Last year one of our stops was in Santorini, Greece and it was the most beautiful and inspiring place I have ever been to. This year we are going to South East Asia!


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Local Vendor Spotlight: Floral & Decor

Today our feature is on Jilna of Suhaag Garden, the top décor company in South Florida for Indian weddings. Jilna’s eye for style and decor has made them leaders in the Indian Wedding market for years.  Their talent and attention to detail is wonderful.   Let’s see what Jilna had to say under the spotlight.




PI:  What inspired you to start Suhaag Garden?

Jilna: As cliched as it may sound, it wasn’t until I planned my own wedding — with my now, both life and business partner — that I realized I wanted to devote my life to this profession of event design and decor.  I love all-things-weddings, but I never thought of being a part of someone else’s wedding until I finally got married.  I’ve always gravitated towards exquisite florals, vibrant colors and luxe fashion so in some ways, starting this business seemed a natural extension of my interests.


PI: How would you describe a Suhaag Garden client?

 Jilna: A bride who demands creativity above else, and has an appreciation for art.  The new generation of newlyweds respond really positively when we marry (no pun intended) the trendy with tradition, classic with fusion, and soft with drama.  It’s all mixing things up so no two weddings ever look the same.


PI: What are the hot trends for 2014-2015?

Jilna: We’re starting to see a lot of favorites from the yesteryears make a comeback and likely to remain into the next year.  Sequins, metallics, glitter, radiant orchid colors, geometric shapes (chevron), and neon accents are all strong contenders to look out for.


PI: Tell us more about t’Anirika?

Jilna: Since flowers are typically such an integral part of our wedding designs, we began experimenting with them and exploring new ways to enhance the overall impact. What started as a simple wish, culminated into an extension of our company: t’Anirika. From the whimsical hairpieces to exotic necklaces, we find inspiration in everything from vibrant orchids to luscious berries to classic red roses. Best of all, we ship jewelry nationwide.


PI: Do you travel outside of Florida?

Jilna: Yes!  It would be too selfish to not spread the love outside the sunshine state.  We design events through the US southeast and Caribbean Islands.


PI: You spend a lot of time in the van/car traveling for work. What is playing on the radio station?

Jilna: Desi music, of course!  We can never get enough of it. | |

Photo credit: Pure Emotions Photography

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South Florida Wedding Videographer Spotlight

Our feature today is on Michael LaFrance of LaFrance Films a fabulous wedding and documentary videographer based in Palm Beach, Florida. Michael goes above and beyond to connect with clients and always finds a way to give them a unique experience. subdomains . Let’s see what Michael had to say under the spotlight.














PI: How would you describe your videographer style?

Michael: I can’t say that I have a particular “style” in the traditional sense. I am a story teller and each couple I work with has a different story to tell. It’s my job to take their personal story and make sure that I capture the emotions that go with it and present it in a way that truly expresses the wedding day.


PI: If you weren’t a videographer what else would you?

Michael: That’s a tough question! Is a photographer too close to what I do now? How about a beach bum? Truthfully, it’s a really tough thing for me to answer because I really do what I love. I love meeting people and helping them tell their stories. subdomains . site not working I have my dream job.


PI: What is the most common question clients ask you?

Michael: You mean other than how much are my services?! Many people ask me if I just film weddings. the answer is no, but that’s what they want to know. I can film anything as long as there’s a story to tell.


PI: How would you describe a LaFrance Films client?

Michael: For weddings, my clients are people who I really can connect with. They are good people who love each other. Capoucompswerin They obviously understand quality film-making, but that goes without saying! But I don’t work with people who I can’t get a good sense for or see how much they love each other and their families.


PI: What new technology are you offering to clients?

Michael: We have the amazing ability to use cutting-edge drone technology to offer amazing aerial shots that you can’t get with anything else. We can fly in over the ocean right up to the ceremony and beyond in one, fluid shot. dns information . It is really amazing and many of my clients are taking advantage of it.


PI: What is your favorite mealtime? Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?

Michael: Breakfast for Lunch and Dinner! |‎ |





Local Photographer Spotlight

Happy Tuesday everyone,

Each Tuesday we are going to put up a post spotlighting amazing talent that rock the South Florida Wedding market. We are going to feature photographers, cinematographers, stationers, caterers dressers, musicians, bakers…basically anyone or anything fab that is wedding related. site not working . Our goal is to make the spotlight feature fun and quick to read.  We hope you find the info useful. Enjoy!

Our first spotlight is on Kallima Photography. This hip husband and wife duo has an amazing eye for detail and a great passion for their work. subdomains We put the spotlight on Ben and Rebekah and here is what they had to say.

Ben and Rebekah Hood

Ben and Rebekah Hood









PI: What is the best thing about being your own boss?

Ben: Being home with our kids most every day is probably the best thing for me.  I’m a big fan of traveling around and shooting, but it’s always rad to get to hang out with my kids and have lunch.

Rebekah: I really enjoy getting my make our own rules for life and family. I feel like being home and having the freedom to work when and how we want gives us ultimate flexibility…with our kids school, our travel, when and how often we see family, and how much time we get to spend in relationship with others. Of course, there are many days where this is very stressful, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


PI: How would you describe your photography style?

Ben: my style is a mix of photojournalism and fashion photography.  I know that may sound odd to some people, but it really makes sense when you think about it.  A wedding photographer’s job is to document the day, and then to take amazing portraits.  My goal is always to photograph the events of the day in a way that tells the story, and then to take portraits that stand on their own.

Rebekah: I never really have a great answer for this question, its a hard one. One thing I can say, is that I always try to make people feel amazing about themselves. Whether I’m shooting boudoir, an engagement session, or a wedding day involving bridesmaids and moms and brides and grooms, I’m always looking to photograph people and moments in a way that makes my subjects feel incredible.


PI: When going to an event what is the one thing you never leave home without?

Ben: I always have collar stays, a pocket knife and a mini sewing kit in my photography bag. We’re there to support the bride and the groom on their wedding day, and if that means sewing a button on a shirt….well, you do that.

Rebekah: Mole Skin. It fixes the blisters brides and bridesmaids inevitably end up with, and then I am the hero of the day.


PI: How would you describe a Kallima client?

Ben: Our clients tend to be fashionable people who make waves in the world. They don’t want the typical wedding- they want something above and beyond, and they choose their vendors carefully to reflect that.

Rebekah: Our clients tend to be people who understand the difference between good and exceptional. They have class and taste, take great care with their wedding details, and love fashion and photography alike.


PI: If you were stuck on a dessert Island what three things would bring with you?

Ben: A pocketknife, a turkey sandwich and a helicopter. -Really, why wouldn’t you bring a way to get off of the island?

Rebekah: dry shampoo, a yacht, and cabernet sauvignon.

ben and rebekah hood | |





Live Band or DJ? Considerations for Your Big Event

The music at your event could make or break the function, as it sets the mood for the entire evening and ensures that your guests have fun. But how do you know whether you should hire a DJ or band for your event? While live bands can be a crowd pleaser, DJs also have a wide variety of tunes in their library to satisfy all tastes in music. By considering the pros and cons of each, you can ensure that you pick the best music for your event.

Benefits of Hiring a Live Band

No matter how fancy a DJ’s playlist can be, very few things can energize a crowd like live music when it comes to getting more people excited for dancing. Plus, because good musicians can adjust the tempo, sound quality, and song form, it’s easier to ensure that the music fits the venue and the event.

The biggest downside to hiring a live band is the cost. Because there are multiple musicians involved, the cost is significantly higher compared to a DJ, but the quality and benefits are certainly worth the price for many people. Before hiring a band, be sure to ask for samples or for referrals. Remember, some bands can only play one sound, so it’s important to consider the sound you want for your event and whether or not the band can easily switch styles or genres.

 Benefits of Hiring a DJ

The prime benefit of hiring a DJ for your event is the vast library that the DJ has. This will thrill your guests, as people can make requests and have that music played. If the DJ is for a wedding reception, you and your new spouse can dance to the song that you fell in love with, instead of a performance from a cover band. Furthermore, a DJ will be able to play music continuously without any breaks or interruptions. The wide library will ensure that there’s a number to accompany every moment of your event.

However, a DJ isn’t always the best solution, as many might get bored or go on autopilot. You want to ensure that your DJ is passionate about your event and making it as exciting as possible.

In the end, it’s all about determining the type of music that you want for your event. There will always be an excellent band or DJ to fulfill the need!


Indian Wedding Trends to Consider

While traditional Hindu weddings last for many days and include many rituals performed in Sanskrit, the reality is that modern Indian wedding ceremonies in the US are shorter and designed to be appreciated by non-Indian audiences as well. In other words, while there’s plenty of opportunity for breathtakingly beautiful Indian tradition and culture to shine on your wedding day, there are also opportunities for creativity and a personal touch.

Ideas to consider for your Indian wedding include:

1.     Coordinating a color scheme for the family. Not only does this look incredible for the wedding, but it creates beautiful pictures that you and your family will cherish. For instance, if pink is the color of your Indian wedding, then have everyone – even extended family – wear different shades of pink for your wedding day. site not working . You’ll find that it unifies you as a family during your wedding day.

2.     Opting for trendier outfits later in the evening. It’s always nice for the bride to establish a different look at each function of the wedding. Of course, the ceremony itself will call for a traditional look, but when it comes to the reception and other functions, it’s acceptable and often fun to go more contemporary.

3.     Keeping fabric textures in mind. The wardrobe for your wedding shouldn’t only be about color and embroidery. Consider blending different fabrics and textures to create an original, stunning look.

4.     Having a bridal party. Once associated only with church weddings, bridal parties are now also acceptable for the bride at an Indian wedding. Besides, it’s exciting to share this milestone with close family and friends and allow them to help you in planning the big day.

5.     Flamboyant hairstyles. Even if you don’t traditionally wear your hair up, consider doing it for your wedding day for a more glamorous look, especially when you’re dressed up in ornate attire. Flowers, jewelry, and neckpieces will all help make you more comfortable with a new hairstyle. Whether it’s the traditional chignon or a contemporary style, there’s plenty of opportunity to try something new.

6.     Choosing colors based on body. Generally, brides tend to choose a color for their wedding day based on the season. The reality though is that people will better remember your wedding from pictures, so it’s important to note how the color suits you in your pictures.

By keeping these ideas in mind, you can enjoy the traditional elements of an Indian wedding while infusing contemporary ideas.


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Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

One of the first things on your to-do list should be to find the perfect Indian wedding venue. After all, the success of your big day will largely depend on the venue itself, as it sets the scene for one of the largest milestones in your life. Knowing what to look for and how to find an Indian wedding venue will help ensure that you find the perfect location.

 Determine Your Needs for the Venue

Because Indian weddings are generally large affairs, chances are that you will need a large venue to accommodate all your guests. Larger venues tend to be more challenging to book, so it’s important to begin your search far in advance. In fact, some couples begin searching as far as a year before the actual ceremony. Needs that you should consider include:

  • Size. How many guests are you anticipating? Remember, the cost of wedding venues can vary based on how many guests you expect. Plus, it’s crucial to ensure the venue is large enough for everyone.
  • Wedding budget. Your budget will determine whether or not a potential Indian wedding venue makes it to your shortlist. H cartier bresson . While the budget varies from wedding to wedding, most couples spend 48-50 percent of their total budget on the reception.
  • Decorations. Every Indian wedding needs decorations, and it’s important to know the venue’s policies on decorating the location. subdomains . Furthermore, your ability to decorate is affected by whether it’s an indoor or outdoor venue.

Always Visit an Indian Wedding Venue in Person

Many couples make the mistake of booking a venue without actually visiting it in person. Remember, glossy brochures and websites are designed to showcase the venue in the best light possible, so they’re not always reliable barometers of the venue’s condition.

As you tour a potential wedding venue in person, you’ll want to visualize the day of the event. Is there enough space for the dance floor? Does the venue’s overall “feel” complement what you want your wedding day to look like? These are some of the most important considerations to keep in mind as you view the venue.

Furthermore, be sure to ask the venue whether or not they allow outside catering.  If not, you’ll want to be sure that you taste the venue’s menu if they have an in-house team that must be used, as this can make or break the consideration. Finally, be sure to get all costs and fees in writing before booking a venue!

Planning Your Honeymoon: Wanderlust

After spending months and months planning your wedding, it may be the last thing on your mind (or the first!) to plan a honeymoon vacation. We recommend you plan your trip well in advance, at least 6 months prior to your wedding date, so that your honeymoon will come as a sweet surprise to cap off a wonderful celebration. Feeling inspired by summer vacation mode, we’ve decided to put together some gorgeous honeymoon destinations here, so every couple can find their perfect match!

Saving & Sun Tanning

For couples on a budget, the best option is a cruise or all-inclusive resort.  Some of our favorite cruise destinations are St. Lucia and St. Martin, but there are plenty of options depending on where you want to go, and what time of year you’ll be traveling. Many all-inclusive resorts with the best deals are found in Mexico, with Cabo San Lucas topping our list – for the beautiful views, and never-ending list of things to do.









To Boldly Go Where No Woman has Gone Before

Since one of our newly married couples headed off to the Galapagos Islands a few weeks ago, we are feeling very inspired by adventurous honeymoons at the moment. Both reported back nothing but great things, and have unique stories unlike any other couple on a honeymoon trip! If you are willing to pack less than 44 pounds of luggage, this is the way to go!

Another fab and wildly romantic trip: picture you and your honey on an exciting African safari. The ideal itinerary would be to spend a few sun-soaked days in Cape Town, touring wine country and relaxing on the beach where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. site not working . The next step would be to hop on a plane to an exclusive safari camp in the middle of the African jungle. H cartier bresson . For honeymooners seeking true isolation and luxury, check out Royal Malawane Resort or any Singita property.








Luxe Life

For those who are willing to spend a pretty penny for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, the options are endless. You could stay locally and spoil each other on Little Palm Key, a private island off the coast of Key West that is only accessible by boat. You could go a little farther and soak up the lavish lifestyle at Richard Branson’s notoriously private Necker Island. Or you could travel to the ends of the earth, and escape to the exotic paradises of Bali or Bora Bora. domain abuse All of these options will be sure to extend your wedding day bliss a few days or weeks longer.








And just remember…travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

Out with the old, in with the new

While browsing through Pinterest, wedding blogs, and talking with plenty of brides…there was something in our minds that we just couldn’t scratch. This may seem a little drastic to say but someone has got to do it…we are over centerpieces!

When I say we are over centerpieces, I mean we are over the typical flower arrangement in the center of the table, one low, one high, every other table. It all becomes mundane after a bit and something that every guest has seen. subdomains . It is very possible to still have a traditional Indian wedding while showing guests something they haven’t experienced yet. A way to really wow your guests is to use long rectangle tables mixed with square tables and mix and match unique table runners. Capoucompswerin . Adamova jaroslava . dns information subdomains . Another great way to spice up your reception is to use different topiaries along with flowers or an accent fruit like lemon, lime, or orange.

One of our inspirations came from this fab party thrown at The Temple House, a unique and modern venue in South Beach. While there are still small flowers and candles on the tables, the large trees around the room is the focus and creates a secret garden feel, while still enjoying the air conditioning indoors.

Topiary 7Topiary 1






Add fabulous furniture for pizzazz by having couches mixed with chairs. Bubble Miami has amazing options to create a sleek chic look. For a touch of whimsy and vintage treasures we love working with Unearthed Vintage.


IMG_1629SONY DSCoh-deer-for-web-80Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 2.17.26 PM

Keeping cool, calm & chic during a summer Indian wedding

Hosting a destination wedding during the summer months in South Florida has its peaks and valleys.  The best part is that you will save some dough!  In the summer the hotel rates go down, the vendors reduce their prices and you can have your pick of venues.  The down side is the weather.  The daily forecast is hot and humid with a sprinkling of showers.  If you are thinking of hosting an Indian destination wedding then you face some bigger challenges because typically the ceremony is done during the day and outside.  The standard issues span from the guests being overheated. Imagine wearing a heavy sari, full make-up and jewelry in 90-degree weather; the bride and groom overly glistening (we don’t like to use the word sweat); and family photos becoming very difficult to coordinate with hot and hungry family members.  So what is a chic and budget savvy bride supposed to do? Simple…let the crew at Pawar, Inc. give you some sunny advice.

Ice Cold beverage – offer your guests a delish and refreshing welcome drink as they arrive.  One of our favorites for the summer is a crushed ice peach bellini infused with rosemary. A twist on the welcome drink is a welcome sorbet. Have servers hand carve it out of a watermelon or pineapple for a la carte service as guests arrive.

Fan me – the comfort of your guests should be a top priority.  Nobody wants to bake in the sun. You want your guests to watch the wedding ceremony with love in their hearts, not bad thoughts about how hot and uncomfortable they are.   A great way to keep the wedding outdoors is to provide your guests with some shade. You can get creative and provide fans or personalized umbrellas.   We love big market umbrellas that reflect the heat and provide shade.

Our favorite and most budget saavy option …From dawn till dusk – opt to have your wedding ceremony in the early evening to capture the beautiful light in photos and to let the heat surpass.  You can then go straight into cocktails and dinner and your guests will have the hottest part of the day to lounge poolside.




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Sneak Peek: Indian Wedding Photography


We are so lucky to have worked with this lovely couple from Canada on their recent nuptials in Miami! They are ridiculously in love and while this picture shows a more serious side…they are two of the funniest people I have ever met. Here’s a sneak peek image from the wonderful Nami Dadlani Photography. Videography by Senderey Video. Hair and make-up by Renata at The Artist Revealed site not working . website offline subdomains subdomains . dns information . Adamova jaroslava H cartier bresson . Capoucompswerin

Bright and Bold Wedding Trends: Spring into Stationary

Lately in South Florida, the weather has been pure perfection. Bright blue skies, crisp white clouds, and a subtle breeze that makes the wild flowers sway. This got us thinking about the beauty of Spring and all the ways to utilize this lovely season to our advantage for upcoming weddings. The answer came to us in the form of paper goods! Stationary is a great way to enhance your wedding or event while remaining somewhat understated.

Recently, we have been getting a lot of questions about Indian wedding invitations and how to add contemporary elements. While many Indian couples think you have to stay with traditional Indian designs and a simple invitation, we dare you to be bold. The invitation is a first impression, and a hint into the fabulousness that is soon to be your wedding. Using an ultra-modern invitation while inscribing “Traditional Hindu ceremony” creates a fun juxtaposition.

For spring, we are loving bright and bold colors. Pops of emerald, blood orange, magenta and sapphire are not only in season, but are so very eye-catching.

Watercolor floral patterns are another spring must-have, showing a softer side of the season. They can transport you to the enchantment of a secret garden while remaining dainty, detail oriented, and elegant. site not working . Feel free to play around with designs you may have shied away from before.

Stationary doesn’t stop at invites, but can carry on into every aspect of the event. Adorned labels attached to straws or poked into food make your delicious food and drinks look even more delectable.

Here are some gorgeous invitations we love from All of these come with matching place cards, menu cards, ceremony programs, and tons of fun ways to incorporate paper goods into your upcoming wedding or event! We also included some fun images of labels sneaking their way into your tasty treats.


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Indian Wedding Clothing: What Does Your Sari Say About You?

indian bridal dress 1Indian wedding traditions differ depending on region, religion, and culture. The dress will vary depending on where the bride is from. Indian wedding clothing is an integral part of the wedding process because of the religious significance of various articles of clothing.

Fab February

Happy (very belated) New Year!!

Here at Pawar Inc., we have been focusing the first month of the New Year on expanding into every kind of event you can imagine – Engagement planning, engagement parties, bridal showers, baby showers, or a party just because life is something to celebrate! Let us make life’s milestones even more memorable and most importantly, stress-free.

Now, onto a month full of love and romantic colors. Here is some fab floral inspiration for February weddings.


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In Remembrance

No post this week – Keeping the families of the victims from Sandy Hook Elementary School in our prayers. XOXO

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Christmas Countdown

Fa la la la la la la la la…… It’s the little things that make the holidays such a special time in everyone’s lives. Here’s a list of something you can do in the Christmas spirit every day of December to ensure that this year’s holiday season is the best one yet! Put each one on a card and create your own 25 days of Christmas calendar or mix the ideas up in a jar and pick one each day.

  1. Never too early to start listening to Christmas music
  2. Take photos for Christmas cards
  3. Decorate your home
  4. Buy your tree!
  5. Buy your pets a special bone/treat for them to open on Christmas day
  6. Add holiday scented candles around the house (pine is our favorite)
  7. Read a Christmas story Book
  8. Wrap your presents
  9. Make a new Christmas decoration (using Pinterest as inspiration)
  10. Build a snowman or hang up paper snowflakes
  11. Find a new recipe you want to make for Christmas dinner
  12. Make hot chocolate and stir with candy canes
  13. Make a treat to give it to people that help you out every day – your co-workers, mail man, hair stylist
  14. Time to hang up that mistletoe!
  15. Watch a Christmas movie (ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas is great, our fave is Elf!)
  16. Go out to dinner somewhere with a lit tree and good atmosphere, sit outside
  17. Drive around and look at Christmas lights
  18. Go visit Santa Claus at the mall while doing last minute shopping
  19. Write letters to Santa Claus
  20. Volunteer & give away clothes to the needy
  21. Have a campout in front of your Christmas tree
  22. Do something kind for a stranger
  23. Make cookies for Santa
  24. Create a new Christmas eve tradition with your family
  25. Have a merry, merry Christmas!!!

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We were so excited to be featured on WPTV News Channel 5 for a Thanksgiving decor special this morning! We chatted with Keli Fulton and gave ideas for last minute, do-it-yourself decor that can be used to spice up your Thanksgiving table. Here’s some more ideas we thought were too fabulous to not share. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving – gobble gobble.

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Our thoughts & prayers remain with all those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Wishing everyone a safe and joy-filled week! domain like subdomains subdomains Adamova jaroslava . H cartier bresson . Capoucompswerin .

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Destination Happiness

Celebrity wedding season continues as Jessica Biel, 30 and Justin Timberlake, 31 tied the knot in Fasano, Italy this past weekend! Their vows took place at the chapel in the Borgo Egnazia resort and the reception continued at the same beautiful property surrounded by olive trees and cactus plants native to Southern Italy. Guests were reportedly put on private planes with no clue where they were headed! Timberlake said of the nuptials, “It was a lot to ask of them to travel, so we figured we’d give our guests a good party!” (People Magazine)

Destination weddings can be tricky but it’s something we have quite a bit of experience with here at Pawar Inc.

Because all of your guests do make the effort to travel, making them feel welcome is key and a great way to do this right away is with a welcome bag. A gift basket can be given upon arrival and can be filled with personalized items, snacks, or something unique that will enhance their mini-vacay! This is also the perfect place to put an itinerary if you have more than one wedding event planned.

A personal wedding website is an ideal way to get out information to your guests. It should not only include basic information about accommodations and transportation, but can also be customized with recommended activities to do in the area and fun things planned throughout the weekend.

Making sure every detail is executed flawlessly ensures that guests will have an unforgettable experience. If a destination wedding is something you’re considering, here’s some South Florida inspiration : )

Photo Credit for Indian wedding photos: Manolo Doreste subdomains subdomains . dns information . Adamova jaroslava H cartier bresson Capoucompswerin

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Fur Better or Fur Worse

Growing up, I had always thought “I hope one day I marry someone that is as excited as my dog is for me to come home” and the sentiment remains. For all my animal lovers out there…you know how special dogs are in our lives and how they are with us through the sunny days and rainy days – just like what a marriage should be based on. site not working So why wouldn’t you include your furry friend in your big day? The day you cross your paws and hope you all will be one big family happy.

If your venue allows animals, perfect! Put a bow-tie on Boomer or a collar of flowers on Daisy and have an entrusted family member walk them down the aisle to be a part of your ceremony. Bonus: Small ring bearer pillows can be easily attached to a dog collar.

If your venue is not pet-friendly, there are still plenty of ways to incorporate your best friend in the festivities. You can include them in your engagement photo shoot or even have a family member stop them by for a sloppy good luck kiss and photo op pre-ceremony.

Here are some photos that make our hearts melt and tails wag. subdomains dns information . Adamova jaroslava H cartier bresson . Capoucompswerin

  • anne-adam300
  • anne-hathaway-wedding
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  • anne-hathaway-wedding

Au Natural

While we’re on the topic of celebrity weddings, we are over the moon for Anne Hathaway, who got married this past weekend in Big Sur, California to her long-time beau Adam Schulman. All the details from her Valentino gown to vegan menu can be easily duplicated for your special day!anne-hathaway-wedding

Nature Inspiration – Barn weddings have been an extremely popular trend lately, with barn venues popping up across the country simply to cater to weddings and special events. Even if your wedding is indoors, finding an outdoor setting for special photos is a great idea to capture some of the best lighting and most beautiful, natural moments. We decided to take the barn, natural, rustic feel and show ways to glam it up and make it your own!

Go Vegan. – Healthy for you, healthy for the environment. Capoucompswerin . H cartier bresson That’s precisely why vegan weddings have doubled in the last two years. When The National Restaurant Association surveyed chefs around the country for their “What’s Hot in 2011” questionnaire, more than half of the chefs responded veganism. site not working . While not all of your guests may be feeling the meatless vibe, there are plenty of ways to incorporate a few vegan items onto your menu or create a full vegan menu that’s hard for anyone to resist. Try out this recipe at home for a spicy lentil wrap with tahini sauce stolen from California specialty supermarket, Trader Joe’s!

Bridal Style – While Anne kept everything else about her wedding day simple, she went all out in a custom-made Valentino gown and a headpiece that goes great with her pixie cut. Whether you have longer locks or a short ‘do, headpieces are a great way to make a statement.

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  • Raj Tents
  • Raj Tents
  • Clear
  • Lights
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  • Blake-Lively-Engagement-Ring

Southern Comfort

We are so inspired by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s recent September nuptials! The gorgeous duo wed earlier this month at Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, just outside of Charleston in a white-tented reception. While official photos have not been released, we have taken ideas and created a look book of our own – a unique blend of charm and tradition with a modern twist!

Tent Weddings – We recently went to Los Angeles and got the opportunity to attend a pre-Emmy party fitted for the stars, using these to-die-for Raj Tents! Tents are a unique way to make an evening more intimate or offer some shade on a warm day.






Here are some other options for tenting styles – clear and lighted tents:






Mash-up Music – Blake & Ryan had a mix of live performances (from celebrity friends Florence + the Machine) and a DJ. Having a DJ mixed with live performances or classical musicians is a great way to surprise guests and liven up the night. Recently, we had a string quartet play traditional Indian music as the bride walked down the aisle, followed by a deejayed reception that had everyone dancing into the wee hours of the night!






The Ring!  – How can we not mention Blake’s Lorraine Schwartz stunner engagement ring? A trend to look out for – gold! We love the rose gold showcased here with an elegant oval cut diamond.





Continuing + ending with that theme, Gold is a color that never goes out of style and adds flare to any event. Here’s some small ways to incorporate this regal pop of color into your wedding.

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Happy Diwali!!!

For those of you that don’t know…Diwali is known as the “festival of lights” and is one of the most important festivals of the year for an Indian.  Diwali is celebrated in families by performing traditional activities together in their homes.


My fondest memories of Diwali are of when I lived in England. Each year my mom would give us a gigantic list of cleaning tasks. site not working We didn’t rest until the house was fit for a visit from the Queen. After all the dusting and polishing we would open the windows (no matter how cold) and place a little diya (votive candle) on the ledge in hopes to entice Lakshmi. Then all the fun stuff came, tons of delicious food, decadent Indian sweets, fireworks, family and friends coming together to celebrate.  Diwali brings out the best in everyone and it is customary to pull out all the stops with regards to food, clothing and decor.


Here are my favorite ideas for food, fashion and fun for modern Desis to celebrate Diwali 2011.  Who doesn’t love a good samosa? Go to Sailu’s Kitchen to get easy to follow step-by-step instructions  Splurge and buy a stunning suit by Payal Singhal from Exclusively In  A suit by Payal will make a statement at any Diwali party. Instead of fireworks this year why not light a sky lantern?  Sky lanterns are a beautiful site, but can be dangerous so please follow the instructions carefully and don’t forget to make a wish. subdomains dns information . Adamova jaroslava H cartier bresson Capoucompswerin


The Real Royal Wedding: Kate Moss & Jamie Hince


Check out this amazing blog I found through photographer Lauren Ross. I love the details of this wedding and the pictures are just fabulous! Everything looks so effortless and chic. site not working . Plus they rocked the champagne tower. I have wanted to bring that back forever! Enjoy.

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Screen shot 2011-09-07 at 10.59.42 PM


I am mad about whoopie pies and think this delicious little devilish dessert is a perfect compliment to any wedding menu. For those of you yet to try this sweet sensation here is a quickie description: A big, soft sandwich cookie made with two cupcake tops, sandwiched with a creamy filling – they’re like the best of both cupcake and cookie worlds. Yummy! For an Indian wedding I suggest serving chocolate coconut whoopie pies and mango whoopie pie s’mores. I found this great recipe at on a blog called Check it out domain list subdomains . site subdomains subdomains . dns information Adamova jaroslava . H cartier bresson . Capoucompswerin

Screen shot 2011-09-07 at 3.34.00 PM

Chic Dulhan

So you’ve planned your perfect destination wedding at a gorgeous resort and now you have to plan your outfits for everyday! It is important to always look the part from the moment you arrive to the moment you check out of the hotel.Here are some great ideas for causal wear and evening wear to show that you are always a chic dulhan.

Featured designers; Payal Singhal, Mallika Mathur and Sapan More. site not working website offline domain like domain list subdomains site subdomains . link check subdomains Adamova jaroslava H cartier bresson Capoucompswerin

Screen shot 2011-09-07 at 3.30.11 PM

Keep Calm and Carry On

The nice thing about hiring a planner to coordinate your wedding is that you have time to relax and enjoy quality time with family and friends during your big event.Some brides like to be busy and surrounded by people, and some brides prefer to indulge in personal escapes such as a yoga class or massage. I recently attended the grand opening of the beautiful ELLE Spa at the Eden Roc in Miami, FL. It is the first ever ELLE spa and the moment I walked through the doors I was instantly in a Zen state of mind.If you’re a busy bride getting married at the Eden Roc you MUST fit in some well deserved pampering. website offline . site not working Whilst you’re there, don’t forget to check out the spa’s amazing store. It is petite, tres chic and is stocked with fabulous products.

My favorite find is Lollia Calm Body Powder. Seeing this perfect round box evoked feelings of nostalgia as it reminded me of sneaking into my grandmother’s room and exploring all the fun things she had laid out on her dressing table. This fantastic little gem is a wonderful treat for any bride looking for a soothing moment away from the camera’s, stylists and…ahem, sometimes overbearing family members. subdomains dns information Adamova jaroslava . H cartier bresson . Capoucompswerin .

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