About Amen Pawar-LaRosa
Born and raised: United Kingdom
Favorite wedding movie: This is a tough one! Have to go with Bridesmaids.
Ultimate travel spot: Necker Island
Quote to live by: “Always be mindful of the kindness and not the faults of others” – Buddha
Favorite food: This varies depending on my mood, but Indian is always my go-to fav.
Little things I can’t live without: My hubby, my dogs, yoga/meditation, and my laptop.
I love weddings because… I love details. Details make the wedding unique to the bride and groom. I love people. Planning weddings allows me to meet people from all different cultures. Lastly, I love romance. Call me a sucker, but planning weddings means I get to experience romance, love and family every single time a bride is about to walk down the aisle. It makes me appreciate what is really important in life.


Relationship & Details
It is about creating a relationship of trust with the client and then planning and executing the wedding exactly as envisioned. Our passion for creating flawless and unique weddings means that we always have a finger on the pulse to keep ahead of the trends. Each client is different and special to us therefore the quality of our work surpasses the need for quantity. This is your special day and you are given the full attention you deserve. We take the time to listen to you ideas and work hard to ensure all the details are in place.

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